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November 12, 2021 EcoVadis EN

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Nearly every day we’re reminded that the climate crisis is accelerating while the world is still reeling from the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and the social unrest of 2020. And we need this now more than ever. Our mission at EcoVadis has always been to engage companies in a sustainability improvement journey with the insights and tools that drive positive impact at scale across global value chains. 

Acquiring the right sustainability knowledge is an essential step for companies who want to improve practices, meet stakeholder expectations, build resilience, and thrive in the new normal.

This is why we’ve launched the EcoVadis Academy giving our customers the guidance to gain understanding and tackle priority sustainability improvements through an easily accessible eLearning platform.

So what makes EcoVadis Academy stand apart?

The Academy enhances and accelerates the essential fourth step in the virtuous cycle for our rated company sustainability journey:  

A Virtuous Circle for Suppliers

With the carefully selected range of topics addressed, the Academy courses are a great resource for both requesting (e.g., buyers, portfolio managers) and rated (e.g., their suppliers, partners) organizations. Courses are aligned with our EcoVadis methodology that measures the quality of a company’s sustainability management system through its policies, actions and results. They work hand-in-hand with the most important Improvement Areas identified on the EcoVadis Scorecards and features such as the Corrective Action Plan, and the Carbon Action Module.

EcoVadis Academy is specifically designed to meet companies where they are in this journey, empowering them to tackle priority improvement areas across Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement practices.

EcoVadis Academy beta users have already benefited from a range of courses and have found they:

  • “Are great for internal and external stakeholders to understand environmental aspects and impacts and how to measure them.”

  • “Provide a good understanding of the requirements that can help professionals and interested parties to develop knowledge in this field.”

  • “Allow a better understanding of the requirements and expectations of a business and provide real examples and ideas for implementation of reporting metrics.”

Purchasing organization users have also commented on how the EcoVadis Academy complements collaboration with suppliers on improving their sustainability performance and driving positive impact across supply chains.  

In order to have a lasting impact on the sustainability performance of our suppliers and within supply chains, it is not enough to thoroughly assess them. It is key to accompany them and to provide knowledge and training opportunities to enable continuous improvement towards leading sustainability and responsible sourcing practices,” said Astrid Bosten, Senior Sustainability Manager of purchasing at Henkel.  “The direct link between EcoVadis assessments and upskilling opportunities on the EcoVadis Academy will be a great lever to accelerate the impact that we can make on the sustainability performance within our supply chains.”

EcoVadis Academy engages users by testing their knowledge at the end of each course and recognizing their course completion to enhance personal profiles such as LinkedIn. It also enables administrators to track individual’s progress and allows companies to monitor and assign coursework to drive supplier sustainability improvement programs identified within a company’s scorecard.

EcoVadis Academy includes courses on Introduction to Sustainability, covering topics such as having a global impact on sustainability and managing your company’s sustainability (available to all subscribers); Sustainability Management Frameworks, with topics including understanding the EcoVadis methodology (available to all subscribers); and Environmental Policy, covering topics such as identifying stakeholders and writing policy (available to Premium subscribers).

Every business has a role to play in creating a better world and solving the human and environmental crises facing our planet. And any business can improve its performance, and its impact, with the right guidance and training.

In support of COP26, all courses on carbon management are available to all customers for a limited time.

Check out the EcoVadis Academy introduction video here. EcoVadis customers with a current Rating or Subscription can login and get started with the courses on the portal here.  If you’re new to EcoVadis and want to receive a rating and scorecard, get started on your assessment here. If you are not yet engaged with EcoVadis, contact us here to schedule an overview of the academy courses for your suppliers, and the solution set of risk mapping, ratings, and Carbon Action Module that align to it. 




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