Air France-KLM Talks About Their Sustainable Procurement Ambitions

April 15, 2019

Read the Transcript Below:

I'm Christine Maginot. I work at Air France as the Procurement Process and Performance Senior Manager. We work with EcoVadis and we have done risk mapping of our suppliers and purchasing categories, where, depending on the country, we also investigate whether there is a risk for Air France. Subsequently, we started to restructure our program a little bit more and we have integrated the assessment and measurement process into our tenders and contracts for high-risk suppliers. It is in Air France's DNA to work on all these subjects and it has been for many years. For example, we didn’t wait for the law to put a CSR clause in our contracts. We have developed many initiatives: Biofuel, onboard recycling, supplier risk, reduced energy consumption, noise, etc. We have been conducting research and innovation on these subjects for more than 15 years. On the other hand, it is true that the law pushes us and our suppliers to be a little more compliant with the regulations and this is a step in the right direction.

We chose EcoVadis because we believe that we should work with subject matter experts, because we do not have the resources in-house and because EcoVadis has made it possible for us to have a procedure, a network of suppliers and a structured method for the evaluation of suppliers. It fully meets our needs and I think it can meet the needs of many companies.

Now is the time to go on, to continue, to go even further, to be confident about risk management for us and for our suppliers and then for our suppliers' suppliers because there is a whole chain to manage. It never stops, but it is moving in the right direction for our passengers and for the customer because that's what interests us the most.

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