New partnership between EcoVadis and Carbon Disclosure Project to streamline reporting requests in the supply chain

October 23, 2012 Alessio Arcangeli

EcoVadis and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) today announced a partnership to offer an enhanced service to both EcoVadis and CDP Supply Chain customers, as well as to reduce the requests for companies in the supply chains of large purchasing corporations to report on how they are managing carbon.

The partnership is built around the complementary expertise of the two organisations: CDP has in-depth expertise on GHG emissions, climate change and water, whereas EcoVadis covers all main CSR topics using an easy-to-use and dynamic web interface for end-users. The partnership allows responding companies to minimize their reporting by automatically transferring the information in their CDP response to EcoVadis’ system.

“Partnering with Ecovadis will mean that suppliers that have already disclosed their carbon and climate change information to CDP will not have to duplicate their efforts in the Ecovadis system. The two systems are extremely complementary with Ecovadis providing powerful high-level data across 21 pillars of sustainability and CDP Supply Chain providing that crucial deeper dive on carbon, climate-change and water,” said Dexter Galvin, Head of CDP Supply Chain.

Having access to CDP’s detailed information will improve the quality of the EcoVadis supplier sustainability rating data. CDP Supply Chain will benefit from the EcoVadis supplier scorecards as a means to accelerate the adoption and deployment of its data by procurement managers.

“We are very happy to collaborate with CDP, which we always recognized as the leader for standardised Climate Change reporting. Through this collaboration, we are willing to bring benefits to both suppliers and buying organizations. There is a growing pressure in all sectors to analyse supply chain sustainability issues, and through this collaboration we intend to minimize the effort for suppliers worldwide”, declared Pierre-François Thaler, EcoVadis Co-President.


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