Diverse Teams Work More Innovatively: Meet Shirin Steinwede

December 12, 2022 godaddy



Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do at GoDaddy.

I am Shirin, EMEA and APAC Recruiter for our Technical and Corporate environment at GoDaddy. I am based in Germany, and I have been a part of GoDaddy Women in Tech (GDWIT) since I joined the organisation. At the beginning of 2022, I was asked to become a core lead for our GDWIT EMEA team.

Which opportunities does GDWIT create for women in the tech space?

Even though many more women are now working in tech, only about 24% of computing jobs are currently held by women. GDWIT is committed to bringing more women into such positions, participating in events, raising awareness about underrepresentation, and supporting initiatives that follow this approach. There are several opportunities in joining GDWIT:

  1. Perspective of women in tech | Women’s perspectives can add color to personal and professional settings.
  2. Equalize the pay gap | Today, a vast majority of women are still underpaid compared to men. At GoDaddy, every dollar a man makes, a woman makes.
  3. Women lead more innovative organisations | Studies show that diverse teams work more innovatively, are more idea-driven and can create value more productively.
  4. More focus on social contributions with WIT. | Women strengthen social contributions and build good relationships with their employees.

You would have the chance to learn and develop yourself within the GDWIT community by sharing experiences with other people in this group to contribute to and enlighten about this inclusive topic. You might also find some friends internally and externally, too. I have been able to make a great network through this organisation!

Photo: Exercising my brain with a good book!

As a woman, what appeals to you working in a rather male-dominated hosting industry?

It probably wouldn’t be so difficult if there weren’t so many prejudices and stereotypes — but that’s the subjective ideal image we imagine. There are still fewer women in employment in the hosting industry, and we ask ourselves: Where are they? The training structure is there. Maybe it takes some courage, passion, and conviction. For that, GoDaddy is a great employer.

Personally, I enjoy working in an industry that is more male-dominated because I can make a difference here. With the help of GDWIT and my own work in the Talent Acquisition Team, I work every day to make sure we build inclusive teams and support women in tech. I like to make a difference and stand behind the values we hold at GoDaddy. The foundation is: Live Passionately, where everyone is passionate; Join Forces, Own Outcomes, Build Value, and Work Courageously underpins our culture, which we live every day. For me, communication is the pillar to make the world of technology palatable to women, and we bring light into the darkness at GoDaddy. I enjoy educating other women, encouraging them to apply or take the plunge into IT, as much as encouraging them to make a difference. My advice is to always speak up!

Photo: Time outside always helps me get in the right mindset!

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Photo of Shirin Steinwede. Exercising my brain with a good book! Time outside always helps me get in the right mindset!

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