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Ciena and EcoVadis Case Study by GEMI

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Many companies are seeking ways to better understand the sustainability performance of companies within their supply chains while responding to similar requests from their own customers. While the objectives of such efforts are often similar, the format and content vary. Several industry groups and 3rd party platform providers have developed Supply Chain Sustainability (SCS) solutions that streamline the process for gathering SCS data and provide a common framework for assessing the sustainability performance of suppliers. Through case studies, GEMI seeks to highlight examples of how companies are utilizing some of these supply chain sustainability harmonization solutions (i.e., supplier assessments and surveys) to impact business decision-making, and the extent to which these solutions have reduced fatigue related to data collection and reporting for both buyers and suppliers. These case studies examine why and how companies are using certain supply chain sustainability harmonization solutions to impact business decision-making. SCS SOLUTION BACKGROUND EcoVadis provides a solution for monitoring Sustainability in global Supply Chains. Using innovative technology and CSR expertise, EcoVadis aims to help buyers and suppliers adopt more sustainable practices. EcoVadis' mission is to produce reliable scorecards on any company's (including SMEs) CSR performance, providing an easy-to-read scorecard with quantitative ratings, benchmarks, comprehensive feedback, and tools allowing them to embark upon a journey of continuous improvement. The EcoVadis team of international Sustainable Development experts analyze and cross check companies' data (supporting documents, information watch, etc.) in order to create reliable ratings, taking into account each company's sector, size, and geographical location. EcoVadis offers access to cloud-based solutions, where buyers and suppliers can access the EcoVadis Scorecard and share information. EcoVadis provides highly secured online solutions, ensuring the safety of users' data. The EcoVadis methodology is based on international Sustainable Development standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000), and supervised by a scientifi c committee of CSR and Supply Chain experts, to ensure reliable third-party CSR assessment. Thousands of suppliers are using the EcoVadis platform every month to reply to CSR assessment requests from customers, set and maintain corrective action plans or centralize CSR related documents. EcoVadis methodology is adapted to over 150 industry sectors, 120 countries, and company size from SME to multinational, so the questionnaire is suited to the company being evaluated. The EcoVadis solution provides reliable ratings on a 0-to-100 scale which enables a performance-oriented approach to CSR, allowing for incentives and recognition to drive real action and change ('race to the top'). The rating process takes into account existing standards and labels such as ISO standards, and hundreds of local or sector-specifi c endorsements. The system allows for benchmarking of ratings across categories and regions giving suppliers and procurement teams a rich context for understanding performance, and how to prioritize improvements. The online platform enables effi cient sharing, transparency and control of CSR ratings/results, and the collaborative tools for buyers and suppliers promote working together on improvement plans. GEMI (, October 2017 GEMI Case Study Supply Chain Sustainability Harmonization Solutions SOLUTION: EcoVadis BUYER: Ciena SUPPLIER: Ciena Page 1 / 2

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