Hydrogen Could Be America's Energy Future

July 26, 2021 greenmoneyjournal

SOURCE: GreenMoney Journal


by Nicholaus Rohleder for Climate and Capital Media 

Clean burning hydrogen fuel is finally coming into its own, and it could shape the future of U.S. energy.

In November 2019, [because of the efforts of the Trump Administration], the United States not only became fully energy independent but a net exporter. What a pyrrhic victory, that independence. In September, more than a million people flooded city streets across the globe to demand action on climate change. The most direct action was, and remains, extinguishing the fires that burn over oil and gas drilling sites, everywhere.

Now, given its determined focus on climate change and the danger of fossil fuels, the Biden administration is faced with a conundrum: how to keep the economic and security benefits of American energy independence while drastically lowering carbon emissions — not in a half century, but in a little more than a decade. 

Unlike other alternative energy technologies, the United States has a fully built out domestic supply chain that can be engaged to support the development of the hydrogen economy. One measure that would help: collaboration between the government and the oil and gas industry in redrawing the lines of existing energy infrastructure. In doing this, they should utilize the existing oil and gas workforce.

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