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July 1, 2020 EcoVadis EN

Where can I learn more about the EcoVadis methodology?

This document provided an overview of the reference model, seven founding principles and process EcoVadis uses: EcoVadis CSR Methodology Overview and Principles

In our Help Center you find many useful resources about our methodology, the questionnaire, the registration process etc. in different languages: Visit Help Center

Plus, with our new free Demo Webcast, you’ll get a solid overview of the EcoVadis assessment process in just 20 minutes + Q&A! Register here

And, of course you'll find many information in the "Useful Resources" section on your EcoVadis platform.


How do I know which documents are relevant for my assessment?

View our guide to the documents needed in support of your answers to the questionnaire. The guide gives you an overview on all requirements, formats, languages of your supporting documents: EcoVadis Document Guide


I am a very small company, which documents can I use to support my answers?

We understand that smaller companies may not have a sustainability management system that is as developed as larger companies and so may not have as many formalized documents. Learn more about supporting documents expectations for extra small companies with up to 25 employees here.


How do I use the corrective action plan feature?

To support your company’s sustainability performance improvement, EcoVadis offers all rated companies access to the online corrective action plan feature. Learn more about it here.


How can I see which criteria are taken into account in the evaluation of my company?

EcoVadis has defined 21 sustainability criteria, based on international Sustainable Development standards. Among these 21 criteria, EcoVadis selects the ones that are relevant for your company. This is based on your activity's specific challenges, as well as on your geographical location (do you have activities in risk countries?). To see which criteria are activated for your evaluation, and what is their level of importance, connect to your EcoVadis platform.

On the control panel or on My performance, you see the name of your sector (ISIC category) next to your country, on top of the page. Click on the sector and you will see the list of criteria activated. Each one of the 21 criteria is either: not activated, activated with a medium importance, activated with a high importance, or activated only in risk countries.

Learn more about the ISIC categories here


How does EcoVadis ensure the security of my data?

  • EcoVadis complies with the GDPR, EU regulation 2016/679. You will find more information in our Trust Center: http://www.ecovadis.com/us/trust-center/
  • EcoVadis is committed to the most demanding IT security standards to support our business processes. Our Information Security Management System is certified  ISO/IEC 27001:2013. You will find a certificate and a statement of applicability in our Trust Center: http://www.ecovadis.com/us/trust-center/

Further information on this topic can be found here.


How long are the EcoVadis results valid for?

As CSR standards, international regulations and customer expectations are constantly evolving, it is imperative that companies show continuous improvement by participating in regular CSR assessments. To align with global best practice, EcoVadis CSR scorecards are valid for twelve (12) months after the publication date. Expired scorecards cannot be shared with new requesting companies. After twelve (12) months from your last assessment, new sharing requests your company receives will trigger a reassessment process.
To check the validity of your scorecard, log in to the EcoVadis platform and go to My Performance in the main menu. The validity date is indicated on the Scorecard tab right next to the publication date. More information on the validity are available in our Help Center here


In our Help Center you find many useful resources about our methodology, the questionnaire, the registration process, plans and prices and more in different languages: 

Visit Help Center



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