EcoVadis Solution Materials

  • EcoVadis Ratings Solution Overview3:45

    EcoVadis Ratings Solution Overview

    Learn about the EcoVadis Ratings solution and benefits in this quick video explainer for both assessment requestors and assessed companies.

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  • EcoVadis CSR Methodology Overview and Principles

    EcoVadis CSR Methodology Overview and Principles

    This document provides an overview of the reference model, seven founding principles, and process EcoVadis uses.

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  • The EcoVadis Process4:55

    The EcoVadis Process

    This video tutorial takes you through the process step by step from a requesting company perspective. If you are a buyer, you will find useful information on what actions to take at each phase.

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  • EcoVadis Scorecard Example

    EcoVadis Scorecard Example

    See a sample of our scorecard which shows you and your trading partners their performance across 4 themes - environmental, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

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  • Sustainable Procurement Solution Brochure

    Sustainable Procurement Solution Brochure

    Within today’s complex and global supply chains, you are responsible for the actions you and your suppliers take.

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  • 360 Watch & Live News Brochure

    360 Watch & Live News Brochure

    A key distinguishing element of EcoVadis’ sustainability monitoring platform is the integration of external inputs to augment company-provided documentation and data sources.

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  • The EcoVadis Questionnaire5:26

    The EcoVadis Questionnaire

    This is the welcome video tutorial your trading partners see at registration on the EcoVadis platform. It explains in an easy-to-understand way how to go through the questionnaire.

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  • The EcoVadis Assessment from an Assessed Company's Perspective5:29

    The EcoVadis Assessment from an Assessed Company's Perspective

    If you want to know what the process looks like from the perspective of the companies who you are asking for an EcoVadis assessment, this video tutorial is for you.

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  • Procurement Software Integration Brochure

    Procurement Software Integration Brochure

    At EcoVadis, we know that to get the most out of sustainability ratings, you need easy access to that data within the tools you already use.

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  • Collaborating on Sustainability Improvement15:01

    Collaborating on Sustainability Improvement

    This tutorial takes you through the EcoVadis platform features to start the improvement journey with your suppliers in a simple and efficient way.

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  • Integrating Sustainability in Procurement Processes15:43

    Integrating Sustainability in Procurement Processes

    This video tutorial is a full training mapping the EcoVadis platform features to your daily procurement processes such as RFPs, supplier reviews or market watch.

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  • Ecovadis Directory Tutorial5:22

    Ecovadis Directory Tutorial

    Watch the tutorial and see how The Directory feature enables you to invite an unlimited number of companies for an EcoVadis assessment at any point in time, directly from the EcoVadis platform.

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  • Risk Mapping Services Brochure

    Risk Mapping Services Brochure

    As supply chains globalize and become more complex, so do risks and opportunities. A robust risk mapping process is essential for gaining visibility and understanding of priorities to drive your asses

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  • Public Procurement Flyer

    Public Procurement Flyer

    Public spending is an immense responsibility. With today’s complex and global supply chains you have a huge impact on what is happening not only in your own organization.

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  • EcoVadis QuickStart

    EcoVadis QuickStart

    EcoVadis has condensed the best practices of 175 sustainable procurement initiatives over 10 years into the Quick Start Program to quickly and efficiently help your team plan.

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  • EcoVadis Document Guide

    EcoVadis Document Guide

    View our guide to the documents needed in support of your answers to our questionnaire.

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  • The Sustainability Code and EcoVadis – A Practical Guide

    The Sustainability Code and EcoVadis – A Practical Guide

    Companies that are already reporting in line with the Sustainability Code can enhance their business profile through EcoVadis assessment and vice versa.

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