Top 5 Reasons to Attend Sustain 2019

February 26, 2019 Anna Kapica-Harward

In our busy, technology-driven lives we’re apt to forget the importance of face-to-face interactions and how much we benefit from engaging with colleagues or industry peers in person. But in fact, because of the deluge of information available online, conferences are becoming more important than ever before. Plus, when you hear something first-hand it is far more likely to stick with you than anything you’ve watched or read.


The good news is the annual Sustain conference is just around the corner, taking place on March 11-12 in Paris. It’s a great opportunity to engage with experts, attend sessions on dozens of topics related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable supply chains. Here are the top five reasons why it is worth your while attending:


  1. Hear from two insightful and inspirational keynote speakers: Shraysi Tandon, journalist and documentary filmmaker who recently released her directorial debut Invisible Hands, exposing child labor and child trafficking within the supply chains of the world’s largest corporations, and Jean-Louis Etienne, a doctor specializing in sports biology and nutrition, who’s made the longest overland crossing ever in Antarctica using dog sleds.


  1. Networking: With over 500 procurement and sustainability professionals from all around the world you’ll get plenty of opportunities to engage with some of the key leaders from organizations such as: Sanofi, ING, Nestle, Dior, Orange, Nokia, Solvay, the United Nations, Reporters Without Borders and many more.


  1. Expand your knowledge: No matter how experienced you are in what you do, everyone can always learn new things. At Sustain 2019, you’ll be able to choose from nearly 20 breakout sessions divided into five different tracks to make it easier for you to navigate the content.


  1. Celebrate excellence at Sustainable Procurement Leadership Awards. The awards recognize innovation and companies’ sustainability performance excellence in their relationships with trading partners around the globe.


  1. A proven track record of quality: Organized for over a decade, the event grows in popularity from year to year and has a history of bringing together the best in the business to tackle the environmental, human rights and ethical challenges we face.


We’re only a fortnight away from the event now but you can still book a seat.


And to find out more about what happened at last year’s event read Sustain: Now Is the Time to Change the Mindset and Embrace the Impossible.

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