EcoVadis collaborates with ITC on the new Standards Map web platform

February 6, 2013 Alessio Arcangeli

The International Trade Centre (ITC), a joint organization of the United Nations and World Trade Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, has one goal: to help businesses become more competitive in global markets, speeding economic development and contributing to sustainable development.
As part of this goal, ITC has developed a new web platform called Standards Map that provides comprehensive and comparable information on sustainability standards and audit protocols, with the aim to strengthen the capacity of producers, exporters and buyers to participate in more sustainable production and trade.

ITC collaborates with over 90 organizations that have developed standards systems, codes and reporting systems, among which systems is EcoVadis. “We are honoured to collaborate with ITC and welcome this initiative as a joint global effort to better align sustainability standards in one single directory. The Standards Map provides a useful decision tool that helps users to navigate through a wide range of often complex information, through increased visibility and transparency” declared Pierre-François Thaler, EcoVadis Co-President.

The Standards Map platform offers an online tool that enables users to make analyses, comparisons and reviews of sustainability standards and audit protocols using a unique set of criteria, audit best practices and good governance models.

The information on EcoVadis is now made available on the Standards Map platform enable users to perform customized analyses, save their settings online and share work with their social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

A free trial access to the Standards Map online comparison tool is offered to all new users who register from the Standards Map homepage. A series of free tutorials on how to use the Standards map platform and comparison tool will be organized in the coming weeks will be available to newly registered users who send an email stating „Interested in free Standards Map tutorial“ to The latest news and updates on Standards Map activities, workshops, webinars and partnerships can be followed via ITC Standards Map’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ITC Standards Map is one of the five web portals developed by the International Trade Centre to enhance the transparency of global trade and market access and to help users in their market analyses (Trade Map, Market Access Map, Investment Map, Trade Competitiveness Map and Standards Map). For more information about these tools, please visit Intracen

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