How Training Partners Can Support You

Many EcoVadis customers ask for help with completing their assessment, understanding their scorecard or taking action to implement sustainability improvements within their organization.

EcoVadis has developed a network of Training Partners to help support you with these services. 

All partners have completed extensive training, along with a requirement to have completed their own EcoVadis assessment and score a minimum of 50.

Specific services our partners may provide include:

  • Educating and supporting suppliers in understanding the EcoVadis methodology, and when requested, supporting with assessment completion
  • Providing consultancy services for suppliers to understand their scorecard and Corrective Action Plan, and when requested, support with implementing improvements and wider supply chain sustainability practices.
  • Help buyers understand how the EcoVadis assessment can benefit them and their supply chain sustainability
  • Delivering free online webinars offering training and advice on completing the EcoVadis assessment. 

Please visit the EcoVadis help center to view frequently asked questions on our Training Partner Program.

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