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Modern Slavery and Human Rights Due Diligence in Supply Chains

May 11, 2023

No supply chain is free of risks associated with modern slavery. The forces of globalization that have created new economic opportunities are also fuelling the deplorable practices of debt bondage, exploitation and child labor. National governments and European Union institutions are setting up supply chain due diligence laws that go beyond disclosure, such as the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, the French Devoir de Vigilance and the German Supply Chain Act. These require companies to take action to stop human rights abuses in their operations and supply chains and impose penalties if they fail to do so. 

Is your company prepared to comply with supply chain due diligence regulations? Is it ready to meet corporate responsibilities and respect human rights? 

This e-book offers an overview of how human rights due diligence frameworks support companies in mitigating modern slavery risks in the supply chains, insights from sustainability ratings on specific actions companies take to address, and a simple guide to how EcoVadis Sustainability Intelligence Suite helps comply with human rights due diligence regulations pertaining to the supply chain. 

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