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Videos from EcoVadis's Wistia project

  • Grzegorz Szwedzik0:57

    Grzegorz Szwedzik

    A coding expert and new technologies enthusiast, Grzegorz has extensive experience in developing enterprise systems and building high-performance teams.

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  • Ishwaree Bheenick1:01

    Ishwaree Bheenick

    Ishwaree leads a team of 9 and is responsible for onboarding suppliers from France, UK, India and Africa.

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  • Jessica Kirshenblat-Gooderham1:23

    Jessica Kirshenblat-Gooderham

    Jessica brings over 10 years of experience in strategy, category insights and customer development. She is a champion of CSR in business and the workplace, focusing on change management and execution.

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  • Sean Barr1:36

    Sean Barr

    Sean engages with key stakeholders at some of the largest companies in the world, showing them how EcoVadis’ solutions can help them create value for their company.

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  • Sheng Ou Yong1:05

    Sheng Ou Yong

    Sheng analyzes companies’ performance in managing risks and opportunities related to CSR issues. A lead data specialist at EcoVadis, Sheng also authors white papers and serves as a panelist...

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  • Join the EcoVadis Team1:28

    Join the EcoVadis Team

    Based in Paris (HQ), New York, Poland, Tunis, London, Canada, Mauritius, Hong Kong, and more EcoVadis gathers more than 600 employees into an amazing global team to make the world a better place.

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  • Careers at EcoVadis3:40

    Careers at EcoVadis

    See how our people work together to make sustainability real.

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