Supply Chain Risk & Compliance is Back, with a Vengeance: The best defense is a proactive offense

June 2, 2023

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and businesses rely more on complex supply chains, managing supply chain risk and compliance has become more important. In addition to existing laws like California Transparency, new/proposed rules such as the SEC climate disclosure, the German supply chain act, the EU Human Rights due diligence Directive and CSRD and many more will have knock-on effects worldwide.

Companies must ensure that their operations comply with regulations and ethical standards and monitor their suppliers and partners to ensure that they meet the same standards.

It is clear that supply chain risk and compliance is back, with a vengeance.

To help businesses navigate this challenging landscape, our upcoming SIG webinar will explore the role of technology in managing risk and compliance, and the best strategies for proactively addressing potential risks, including:

  • How regional supply chain due diligence or sustainability reporting regulations are having impacts on business risk practices globally.
  • Data from 40,000+ suppliers showing the current state of supplier sustainability practices across the growing list of threats, which is ‘fatiguing’ buyers and suppliers alike.
  • Mapping regulatory requirements to the sustainability risk due diligence framework and tools.

How a supplier performance approach can transcend the old “risk as a cost center” mentality: Leveraging digital tools to broaden sustainability risk visibility, smarter scaling of engagement, and deeper insights to deliver on sustainability goals, as well as a foundation for value creation.

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