#UnitingBusiness: Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain

May 20, 2020

Check out this video testimonial by Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain, responding to the current crisis:

"Last year, Saint-Gobain's Transformer Group program changed our corporate structure to drive decision closer to our customers and communities in every country. This new structure has dramatically helped us to be more reactive, make faster decisions, be closer to customers and local communities. We saw the pandemic start in Asia and move across Europe and America's and we were able to anticipate the protection measures. Engaging employees is key, and we are proud and grateful for the efforts that have been completed by lots of local donation initiatives."


Discover all the videos on the dedicated page: CEOs Taking Action

The United Nations Global Compact invites CEOs of companies around the world to share their responses to this unprecedented crisis on video, in French or English that's up to three minutes long and addresses three stages of dealing with the crisis: Response-Recovery-Resilience

  • RESPONSE: What immediate challenges does COVID-19 present to your workforce, community, and business?
  • RECOVERY: What are you doing to ensure long-term business continuity and economic recovery?
  • RESILIENCE: What is the best way to build resilience?

To participate, click here : https://app.videopeel.com/k8ago0d3

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