EcoVadis has been selected by Accor to measure the CSR performance of its suppliers.

April 28, 2011 Alessio Arcangeli

EcoVadis announced it has been selected by Accor to assess its suppliers on social and environmental performance.

After completing a risk map and prioritization of purchasing categories regarding Sustainable Development, EcoVadis has been asked in 2010 to implement a pilot project deployed on 50 of Accor’s strategic suppliers. In 2011, the objective is to extend the evaluation process to the groups’ suppliers through the « EcoVadis RA » risk analysis tool and the « EcoVadis SP » supplier platform evaluation tool.

The EcoVadis SP solution allows buyers to integrate Sustainable Development criteria’s into their decision-making process, to understand their suppliers’ performance on 21 environmental, social, ethical and sustainable supply criteria, and to support continuous improvement process.

EcoVadis Managing Director and co-founder Pierre-François Thaler adds “We are very happy to support the Sustainable Procurement strategy of Accor. The EcoVadis secure platform is adapted to a global deployment, and consists of a win-win system: suppliers only have to be evaluated once, and get a scorecard which not only rates their performance, but benchmarks them against their peers, while buyers get up-to-date reliable data and actionable scorecards which they can use to closely monitor their supplier progress “

“With a high number of suppliers in more than 90 countries, Sustainable Procurement is a great lever for improvement of services we bring to our customers. We have adopted a continuous improvement plan including a new “Sustainable Development Charter”, Sustainable Development criteria in our call for tenders, Sustainable Development oriented selection criterions… We are willing to go even further and will offer our support to our suppliers and subcontractors in their Sustainable Development improvement process.” declared Isabelle Lauzon, Chief of Purchasing office at Accor Group. “The EcoVadis platform appears as an excellent solution to strengthen our approach.”

About EcoVadis
EcoVadis operates the 1st SaaS collaborative platform helping major companies assess their suppliers’ environmental and social performance. EcoVadis combines an information system and a network of CSR analysts in order to provide buyers with simple and reliable information covering 150 purchasing categories, 150 countries, and 21 indicators (ranging from “CO2 emissions” to “child labor”). EcoVadis solutions can help businesses reduce risks and improve their suppliers’ performance. At this time, over 40 major international groups (and more than half the companies listed on the CAC40 index) use EcoVadis to assess their suppliers’ CSR performance.

In a recent study, UNEP/Global Compact mentioned that “Businesses should use databases like EcoVadis (…) for they collect and distribute data about suppliers and they provide buyers with an integrated supplier assessment tool focused on Sustainable Development indicators.” (“Unchaining Value” Report)

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