EcoVadis Integrates to Pool4Tool Procurement Software

September 29, 2015 David McClintock

POOL4TOOL and EcoVadis Cooperate

Direct Integration of Sustainability Ratings into the Purchasing Process

Vienna | Paris, September 09, 2015 – Sustainability guidelines have long been on the corporate agenda particularly in global enterprises, it is now a top concern for their supply chains, as 58 % of all companies have placed clear social and environmental guidelines for their suppliers. POOL4TOOL offers a simple way to ensure compliance and accelerate CSR initiatives through the recent cooperation with the sustainable procurement solution provider EcoVadis. Through this partnership, valuable social and environmental information about suppliers is incorporated into the processes of the POOL4TOOL “All-in-One Supply Collaboration” platform. Meaningful indicators of sustainability performance are integrated directly into the supplier management and procurement processes. 

POOL4TOOL, the solution specialist for electronic process optimization in operational and strategic purchasing, cooperates with EcoVadis, the leading provider of supplier sustainability ratings, to deliver a powerful, integrated solution. The goal of the partnership is to centralize and enhance our customers’ procurement processes and decisions with reliable ratings on corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. The sustainability data from EcoVadis can now be integrated in the POOL4TOOL “All-in-One Supply Collaboration” platform. This gives customers access to EcoVadis and easy-to-read CSR scorecards in the connected purchasing modules. This data helps companies not only to reduce risks such as reputational damage, supply disruptions, fines and recall and litigation costs, but also helps to promote the performance of eco-innovation in their supply chain, and to make the best business decisions.

Customer Project Shows Ideas for Cooperation

EcoVadis and POOL4TOOL met for the first time during a joint customer project. “The client had the idea to make external corporate social responsibility data from EcoVadis directly visible where they are needed in the purchasing processes,” explains Pierre-François Thaler, Co-CEO of EcoVadis. Integrated figures are incorporated, for example in the POOL4TOOL supplier rating and indirectly in quotes. The RFQ-results can be enriched with sustainability ratings and therefore can easily be taken into account directly in the awarding decision. The customer does not need to jump to another system, thus greatly simplifying and systematizing the process. Additionally, the buyer can quickly see whether or not working with a supplier is a risk for the company’s image, for example they can view information about child labor risks.

The two companies were enthusiastic about the collaboration, and decided to deepen the partnership by offering a joint solution. “Together with EcoVadis we were able to implement the project quickly and to the full satisfaction of the customer. The possibilities of direct integration of sustainability data into the purchasing process especially impressed the customer and project partner EcoVadis,” said Thomas Dieringer, CEO and founder of POOL4TOOL AG.

Supplier Development and Early Warning System

In addition to the presentation of the sustainability data in the supplier view, this information can also be used in the bidding process of the “All-in-One Supply Collaboration” platform. The customer can define measurements with the supplier to help improve the supplier’s sustainability rating. These improvement measurements can be stored and tracked in POOL4TOOL with appointments. In addition, there is also an early warning system to alert the lead buyer when the developing scores of its suppliers are negative.

About EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the first collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains. The platform delivers simple and reliable scorecards to monitor supplier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices covering 150 purchasing categories, 110 countries, and 21 CSR indicators in four themes: environmental, social/human rights, ethics/fair business practices, and supply chain. Over 120 industry leaders such as Verizon, Heineken, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, ING Bank, and Nokia use our solution to reduce risk, drive innovation and foster transparency and trust among over 20,000 trading partners. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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