EcoVadis Medals: Recognizing Our Customers' Achievements

EcoVadis medals recognize companies that have completed the EcoVadis assessment process and demonstrated a relatively strong management system that addresses sustainability criteria, as outlined in the EcoVadis methodology. Companies must also meet specific licensing and eligibility criteria. Jump to the EcoVadis Medals Eligibility Criteria.

EcoVadis Medals

What Does An EcoVadis Medal Mean?

The EcoVadis medal is a acknowledgement of achievement RELATIVE to other assessed companies across the EcoVadis database.

An earned medal does not mean a company has no room for improvement or any potential weaknesses in their sustainability practices. It serves as an indicator of positive intent as assessed companies strive to improve their sustainability management performance and drive impact.

An EcoVadis Medal is NOT an endorsement of a company, its products or services, and it does not indicate that the company’s products are specifically sustainable or more sustainable than another company’s products. Please keep this in mind if you plan to comment on a company’s medal status.

The EcoVadis medal or logo should not be placed on any product or used by an entity (eg: subsidiary) that has not been assessed.

EcoVadis Medal Levels

EcoVadis Medal levels are based on percentile achievement which is calculated as a benchmark based on published annual score thresholds as follows:

EcoVadis Medals

Note that these percentile thresholds may become more restrictive over time.

EcoVadis Criteria for Medal Awards

Companies must meet the following eligibility criteria to earn an EcoVadis Medal:

Minimum score thresholds per theme, as follows:

score of 30

score of 30

Labor & Human

score of 30


score of 25

Note: these thresholds may become more restrictive over time.

Restrictions on negative 360 Watch News Findings:

  • No severe finding in any theme area
  • May not have a major finding in more than one theme

Restricted industries:
Please note that companies doing business in specific ISIC code industries are not eligible for EcoVadis Medals. As of now, these include tobacco, coal, and weaponry.

Full details of the score requirements and eligibility criteria for an EcoVadis Medal can be found here. We review our eligibility criteria on an annual basis to reflect global regulation requirements, global sustainability frameworks and best practices.

You’ve Earned a Medal, Now What?

Congratulations on earning your EcoVadis Medal. It’s time to share your achievements and inspire others.

EcoVadis customers who have an active Premium, Select, or Corporate subscription can promote their medal and certificate publicly.

Download our guide to promoting your medal and scorecard performance here.

If you are a Basic Subscription holder and would like to promote your medal publicly, you may upgrade your subscription now.

Read more about the medal usage policy here.

Celebrate your

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The EcoVadis Medal: You’re in Good Company

See how other suppliers have used the EcoVadis Medal to promote their sustainability performance here.

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