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Bain - EcoVadis Joint Study: Do ESG Efforts Create Value?

April 17, 2023

Wouldn’t you like to know how ESG strategies can unlock financial potential – for you and your portfolio companies or value chain partners?

A joint study from Bain & Company and EcoVadis, “Do ESG Efforts Create Value?”, analyzes how ESG activities and outcomes from thousands of private companies’ EcoVadis Scorecards compare against their financial performance. The study finds powerful correlations between advanced performance on key sustainability topics and stronger profitability and/or faster growth.

It emphasizes the benefits of ESG performance for private companies and why private equity firms should factor ESG into their approach.  

Also, a large portion of the 100,000 companies (80% of which are private) rated in the EcoVadis Network were engaged in via supply chain relationships, so this has strong implications for procurement teams as well: In addition to mitigating risk and complying with due diligence regulations, using ratings in sustainable procurement programs may be a vital lever in building financial success and resilience of their value chain partners.

Learn about game-changing insights on how companies who pursue their sustainability journey beyond risk management may have higher probability financial success. From developing sustainable supply chains, renewable energy usage, employee satisfaction and DEI, this study offers enticing clues for how companies may be unlocking value creation through ESG.

View the study to get all the details on four highlighted sustainability metrics, and the related financial performance!

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