Debunking Three CSR and Sustainable Procurement Myths

January 15, 2019

The fast-evolving role of sustainable practices across a turbulent, global economic and political landscape over the last 20 years has given rise to some myths around CSR and sustainable supply chain. New indicators and standards have emerged, public sentiment has ebbed and flowed across responsible business themes, with some segments or regions advancing, while others are falling behind. The expert panel will put some context around the discussion presenting highlights from the EcoVadis Global CSR And Performance Index and insights on where and how companies are embracing and benefiting from sustainable business practices.

This webinar is the first in a series. Access webinar series below.

Session 2:

The State of Anti-Corruption in the Supply Chain: Highlights of the EcoVadis Study on 20,000 Companies

Session 3:

Combating Modern Slavery: Understanding Workers' Plight Deep in the Supply Chain

Session 4:

Megatrends: The Biggest Forces Changing the World, Business and Supply Chains

Session 5: 

Is Your Sustainable Procurement Program Oriented Toward Outcomes and Impact?

Session 6: 

CSR Criteria in Contract Clauses: A Vital Step to Translate Sustainable Supply Chain Vision Into Action

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