SAP and EcoVadis Expand Partnership, Kicking Off with ‘First Year Free’ Offer for Carbon Action Module

May 12, 2022 EcoVadis ‏‏‎

A trio of announcements during the SAP Sapphire 2022 event on Tuesday, May 10, highlighted SAP and EcoVadis’ expanding partnership: 

SAP expands partnership with EcoVadis to add sustainability ratings to SAP Business Network

SAP and EcoVadis are expanding their existing partnership to enable trading partners to add EcoVadis sustainability medals to their marketing profiles on SAP Business Network. SAP Business Network buyers will be able to search and discover trading partners based on these ratings, enabling them to assess trading partners and take immediate action that impacts the sustainability of their value chains. Look for more news over the coming year as this integration progresses.

First Year Free Special Offer for EcoVadis Carbon Action Module:

If your procurement team is using SAP, here’s some great news to help accelerate your supply chain decarbonization goals and meet your Net Zero commitments:  For a limited time, SAP customers who purchase the EcoVadis Business Intelligence Suite on the SAP Store online marketplace will receive the first 12 months of the EcoVadis Carbon Action Module subscription free of charge. To take advantage of this promotion, visit EcoVadis on SAP Store, select “Get it Now” beside the relevant option, and enter the code “SAPPHIRE2022" in the comments. This offer is valid for new quote enquiries received through SAP Store for the EcoVadis Business Intelligence Suite subscription service. Contracting and first invoice must be processed by June 30, 2022 to qualify.

Taulia partners with EcoVadis to help build sustainable supply chains 

Taulia, now part of SAP, is partnering with EcoVadis on sustainable supplier finance solutions. Supply chains can account for 90% or more of a company’s environmental footprint. To drive meaningful sustainability impacts, companies need to look beyond their own operations and prioritize suppliers who align with their environment, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals. Bringing together the EcoVadis ratings platform with financing options from Taulia gives SAP customers a new way to drive change by creating financial incentives for suppliers to become ESG-rated, thereby improving ESG performance over time. Suppliers get the guidance and tools they need to improve. As they improve, they receive more favorable financing terms. Read more about the EcoVadis-Taulia partnership here

Learn more about EcoVadis Ratings and Sustainable Procurement solutions, or Contact us here for a demo or consultation.

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