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Upgrading Sustainable Procurement: From Self-Declared Data to Intelligence and Value Creation

July 13, 2022

The Overwhelming Case for Supplier Sustainability Ratings Compared to Self-Assessment Questionnaires

As stakeholder demands grow, and supply chain sustainability risks proliferate across all industries, adapting from old ways of assessing and engaging suppliers has become a priority challenge.

Leaders’ sustainable supply programs are going beyond risk management to encompass resilience, value creation, and positive impact.  

Moreover, following on-site audit cancellations starting with the COVID-19 crisis, this has accelerated the already growing trend for “remote/digital” assessments of trading partners to become one of the most widespread practices in the management of suppliers’ ethical, social and environmental risks. 

This paper reviews the comparison between “self-assessment questionnaires” and a “performance-based” approach based on verified sustainability ratings, integrating into a broader framework that creates more value - and thus engagement - for suppliers, and long-term shared value for all.

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