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January 3, 2020 EcoVadis EN

Now that 2020 has arrived, it’s time for us to look back and reflect on the content we produced last year. We sifted through our analytics to gauge which topics were piquing the interest of our audiences in 2019 and discovered some interesting trends. Above all, our readers showed an interest in original research related to sustainable procurement: They wanted to know how the field was changing, what their peers were doing to drive innovation, and which best practices were being standardized on. Not surprisingly, our two major research pieces, the 2019 Sustainable Procurement Barometer and the Global Risk and Performance Index 2019, were a great success with our audiences. To learn more about the most relevant topics of last year, check out our top 5 most-read resources from 2019. 

  1. The 2019 Sustainable Procurement Barometer: From Compliance to Performance

Topping the list was the 2019 Sustainable Procurement Barometer. In creating the Barometer alongside the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business, we conducted a global survey as well as in-depth interviews with representatives in procurement or sustainability roles from companies around the world. Overall, the analysis showed that organizations are placing greater weight on business ethics and labor and human rights practices. Despite a greater emphasis on sustainability themes and greater executive-level buy-in, organizations are still falling into the compliance trap, limiting their engagement and long-term performance in the realm of sustainable procurement. For more information on key trends, check out our Barometer insight blog series

  1. The Global CSR Risk and Performance Index 2019

Not too far behind the Barometer was the third edition of the Global CSR Risk and Performance Index 2019. This index displays the performance of over 30,000 companies worldwide based on EcoVadis scorecard ratings from our database, collected over the past three years. It also compares results by sustainability theme, region, and industry. Interested in exploring the new data? Check out our online index tool.

  1. Modern Slavery In Supply Chains: New Legislative Landscape and Due Diligence Strategies

Modern slavery is hard to spot, but it persists in places where poverty is rampant and where the rule of law is underdeveloped or undermined by corruption. This paper discusses the major regulatory requirements around mandatory disclosure as well as due diligence laws that  help prevent slavery. It also explains how EcoVadis can help meet due diligence requirements through risk mapping, reporting on outcomes, and corrective action plans which involve ongoing monitoring. 

  1. Procurement Practitioners Across Industries Talk About “Why EcoVadis”

Our “Why EcoVadis” video features notable procurement practitioners from various industries and companies, including Clariant, Henkel, and Johnson & Johnson. Professionals explain how EcoVadis provides a basis on which to drive an improvement program, helping them to “map out responsibility” and spend more time on “value adding.” Check out the short video to hear their full-length opinions. 

  1. The Fight Against Corruption: Insights into Ethical Performance in Global Supply Chains

Though research has shown that corruption is associated with dire costs, scandals are still prevalent. This paper, published late in 2018, provides visibility into global supply chains, showing how most organizations take a reactive, unstructured approach to fighting corruption. It also outlines best practices designed to help put an end to the problem. 

Many great insights were gleaned from last year’s research. Sustainable procurement has become critical for organizations’ risk mitigation and brand reputation, and, most importantly, it’s become a driving force for revenue and innovation. We’re looking forward to bringing more leading-edge research in 2020, helping to shed light on the importance of sustainable procurement and visibility into global supply chains. 

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