EcoVadis will participate in the Pandathlon 2013

May 28, 2013 EcoVadis

The Pandathlon is organized by WWF: its a sportive & sustainable event, a 19km trail at the Mont Blanc mountain. The goal is to raise funds to support the work of WWF in the Alps, and take action to protect our natural heritage.

EcoVadis is gathering a team of 8 cheerful green pandas, and the company is very generously contributing to half of the funds needed to participate.

We’re very happy to be part of this adventure, and already set up our fundraising webpage.
If you would like to support the action of WWF, and help the EcoVadis team take part in this event, feel free to donate a symbolic euro (or 100 symbolic euros) to the WWF on the EcoVadis Pandathlon page :

Do not hesitate to spread the word!

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