EcoVadis Takes Action for the 2020 European Sustainability Week

October 12, 2020 Anne Bargemann

Employees faced personal sustainability challenges to support the SDGs and to show that every action counts towards a more sustainable future. 

The 2020 European Sustainability Week took place from September 21 to 25 and at the last count over 3700 activities and events were registered to take place across 25 countries. Thousands of people in Europe were celebrating, promoting, and supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations that call for action to transform our world. With the global challenges we face in response to the Covid 19 crisis, it has never been so important to focus on the principles of sustainable development to help us become more resilient and recover. Climate change is affecting every region of the world and without action, we are potentially heading towards the 3°C mark. The means to stop this development exist and using the SDGs as a compass, we can all contribute as individuals to achieve a better and more sustainable future together. 

Every Action Counts - Sustainability Week at EcoVadis

As one of the leading providers of sustainability ratings for companies and global supply chains, employees at EcoVadis rallied together to take action within the framework of the European Sustainability Week. Initially a stand alone event by our Düsseldorf office in support of the German Sustainability Action Days, teams in Poland, France, and other European countries soon joined in the effort to support and promote the SDGs.

Under the motto “every action counts” employees faced personal sustainability challenges to expand their knowledge on how to become more sustainable every day and show that everyone can change things for the better. During the week, employees across the European offices committed to eating vegan, shop without waste, consume only local produce, clean out their email inbox, or travel 100% by bicycle. Before and after the challenge, everyone measured their carbon footprint to see the direct impact of their action. Working together, participants exchanged their experiences and shared inspirational information with each other in a daily chat. 

“At EcoVadis, we encourage every employee to step up to their commitment towards a more sustainable planet.”

Sylvain Guyoton, Senior Vice President Research, EcoVadis