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March 12, 2024 EcoVadis EN

Our Standalone Carbon Management Solution

At Sustain 2024, we announced an exciting solution update for EcoVadis customers: Announcing the EcoVadis Carbon Action Manager, formerly known as the Carbon Action Module. 

Born out of EcoVadis Ratings, Carbon Action Manager is a more flexible, adaptable solution to boost our customers’ sustainability journey. EcoVadis has adapted its legacy carbon management solution to help more companies and their suppliers either start or accelerate their Scope-3 decarbonization and address supply chain disclosure requirements programs by engaging a wider range of suppliers, faster.

Carbon Action Manager: Breaking Out to Break Through

Like the Carbon Action Module that came before it, the Carbon Action Manager is an enterprise solution to help companies engage their supply base on Scope-3 supply chain disclosure requirements and decarbonization. But unlike the Module, the Carbon Action Manager can, optionally, be purchased and used independently from EcoVadis Ratings. Specifically, the standalone offering enables companies to: 

  • Start the Carbon Journey – We’ll Meet You Where You Are

For organizations that are making carbon commitments a priority, Carbon Action Manager offers a structured starting point for their decarbonization journey. This ensures that businesses at any stage of their sustainability journey can benefit from a comprehensive carbon management solution.

  • Engage the Full Supply Base – Go Beyond Strategic Suppliers

The Carbon Action Manager enables organizations to engage the full supply base and identify and address the highest carbon emissions risks through innovative tools, such as the Carbon Heatmap. This functionality expands the traditionally targeted strategic suppliers (addressed through the sustainability rating) to include any suppliers – even those who are not ready for a full EcoVadis rating.

  • Enable Newer, Less Mature Suppliers – Set Them Up for Sustainability Success 

The Carbon Action Manager enables suppliers who are new to the sustainability journey to start with the Carbon Rating, an assessment focused on carbon performance, only – without the full sustainability assessment. Engaging with more suppliers and meeting them where they’re at also allows for a more inclusive and impactful carbon reduction strategy.

  • Enhance Supplier Experience – Engage and Build Capability Earlier

The Carbon Action Manager brings the same, rich supplier experience focused on Carbon, such as the Carbon scorecard, with prioritized carbon strengths and improvement areas identified, tools such as the carbon calculator, collaborative improvement action plan tracking, carbon metrics reporting - including product-level footprint data exchange – and the EcoVadis Academy. This empowers suppliers from the outset, fostering a collaborative and informed approach to carbon reduction.

Accelerating Decarbonization at Every Stage of the Journey

Our decision to also offer the Carbon Action Manager decoupled from EcoVadis Ratings and rename it emerged from an urgent need within the business community to accelerate supply chain engagement on Scope-3 due diligence and decarbonization efforts. The global business community continues to struggle to decarbonize supply chains; and we have the ability to provide tailored, easy-to-use and actionable solutions to companies that are just starting out on their decarbonization and larger sustainability journeys. 

Carbon Action Manager is still available bundled with EcoVadis Ratings, and existing CAM customers will continue to benefit from that integrated experience, plus they will be able to invite even more suppliers to a Carbon-only assessment. We've seen our customer base experience great success with Carbon Action Module. We've identified ways to improve upon the user experience and refine our new Carbon Action Manager solution. We’ve also fleshed out our carbon assessment method to fill in carbon rating coverage for key Industry categories. As a result, we can now confidently release a standalone Carbon Action Manager to a much broader audience.

By breaking out the Carbon Action Manager from EcoVadis Ratings, our customers – wherever they are on their sustainability journey – can accelerate the growth of their decarbonization and larger sustainability programs. 

Specifically, companies can expand their Scope-3 decarbonization programs to engage more suppliers, faster. In turn, they can collaborate with more of their suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions and footprint, including product carbon footprint. This wider and more in-depth collaboration can also help companies prepare for and address supply-chain sustainability and due-diligence directives that require comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions reporting, on Scope-3 emissions.

Groupe Sterne – Novea: Decarbonization in Action

For Groupe Sterne and its subsidiary, Novea, Carbon Action Module (now Manager) helped the two companies accelerate their decarbonization journeys for mutual benefit. By leveraging its EcoVadis Corporate subscription, Groupe Sterne has been gaining greater visibility over the carbon performance of its 36 subsidiaries, including Novea, and helping them take bolder action. Likewise, with Groupe Sterne’s support and the Carbon Action Module’s insight and tools, Novea has radically transformed its approach to carbon management.

Both companies are realizing the benefits of their close collaboration through the Carbon Action Module. Thanks to its impressive carbon performance, Novea has established 59 permanent connections and scorecard shares with potential customers through the platform, including companies from two Sector Initiatives. Groupe Sterne has already seen a direct return on its investment in rating the sustainability and carbon performance of its subsidiaries. This enhanced visibility has enabled it to set science-based targets of its own, attract and retain talent, access new opportunities, drive sales growth and build brand recognition. Groupe Sterne is now planning to use the lessons learned from engaging with Novea to accelerate the decarbonization journeys of its other subsidiaries

“We will not decarbonize alone in our sector. We will decarbonize together by modifying our habits, by changing the way we consume, and by changing the way we transport,” said a Groupe Sterne representative.

The Groupe Sterne-Novea example demonstrates how companies, with the appropriate supplier engagement and capability building tools (e.g., Carbon Action Manager) can meet their suppliers where they are to gain the insight they need to drive progress on carbon reduction. This is the kind of data and insight we can help companies use to guide further expansion of their sustainability programs, regardless of program maturity.

“The Carbon Action Module provides us with an understanding of the carbon performance of our portfolio, which is helping us to engage with our companies on decarbonization initiatives,” said Phil Davis, Director of ESG at Helios.

The Carbon Action Manager is rolling out now to early adopters so we can gather final feedback. Over the coming weeks, the rollout will extend to existing Module customers, as well as new customers. Click here to learn more about CAM and request a demo or consultation. 

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