EcoVadis Contributes to GEMI Supply Chain Sustainability Harmonization Workshop

June 21, 2017 David McClintock

EcoVadis is pleased to participate in the workshop on Supply Chain Sustainability Harmonization hosted by the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) on June 20-21 in Washington, DC. This workshop builds on research and industry engagement conducted through GEMI’s Supply Chain Sustainability project, and follows up on a harmonization workshop GEMI hosted in November 2016 with various business and industry group leaders.

One of the largest challenges corporate sustainability leaders grapple with today is a lack of common expectations for supply chain sustainability. Many are seeking ways to better understand the sustainability performance of companies within their supply chain while responding to similar requests from their own customers. While the objectives of such efforts are often similar, the format and content are typically quite different. A few industries have made strides in working together to develop common expectations and shared evaluation processes for their suppliers, and we believe there is potential to build on this work to enhance coordination across industries.

At this workshop will be convening industry groups, 3rd party providers and corporate leaders to discuss leading industry approaches to addressing supply chain sustainability, and opportunities to enhance coordination/collaboration across efforts.  Through a facilitated working session, participants will examine principles used for assessing supplier sustainability across industries, and begin to outline opportunities to promote mutual recognition/increased harmonization across industry efforts.



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