Human Rights And Corporate Supply Chain Risk: The Intertwining Of Corruption And Human Rights

June 1, 2016 Yovana U. Samy-Duchesne

A new paper by guest author Arnaud Poitevin is now available for download in the EcoVadis library:


When corporate executives think of human rights, they may wonder: “How does this complex set of norms which are difficult to circumvent, and even more difficult to enforce, really matter for my company?” At first glance, executives may be tempted to conclude that human rights do not really reach the threshold of obsessive risk management that they apply to, for example, global compliance schemes such as FCPA, RICO or similar legislation.
But human rights has gained new momentum in the private sector, and three key factors show how deeply linked corruption is to human rights, making it impossible to overlook in any effective global supply chain risk management effort…

Thumbnail Human rights and corruption whitepaper

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