Why Sustainable Supply Risk Management cannot be siloed

June 13, 2016 Yovana U. Samy-Duchesne

A potent mix of correlated supply chain risks are challenging the traditional ‘silo’ed’ approaches to supplier management.

The second in a Series of three White Papers from Michael Lamoureux of Sourcing Innovation on supply chain risk management and supplier CSR monitoring is now available.

Multi-national companies are still losing millions, or in the Global 3000 cases, billions of dollars a year due to supply chain incidents that could have been caught or had their impact significantly reduced with proactive supplier management and monitoring. Although many are beginning to make efforts in supplier management and risk mitigation, the fact remains that preventable risks are still materializing on a daily basis. One key reason is that there is much effort, but little coordination across various silo’s within most organizations…


Here’s the 3-part series, which provides an eye-opening overview of risks faced by procurement teams:

Paper 1: Playing With Fire: The 4 Hidden Risks Lurking In Your Supply Chain” | Published in April

Paper 2: Why Sustainable Supply Risk Management cannot be siloed | Available now

Paper 3: “5 Key Things To Look For in a Supplier Monitoring Solution” | Coming soon

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