EcoVadis General Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) for rated companies
The most important updates to the T&Cs have been summarized below. We encourage you to review the full version of the T&Cs available above. These updates will go into effect on July 15th, 2022.

Key updates:
EcoVadis has updated our Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) for rated companies to provide additional information and transparency. Here are some of the key updates:

  • Adding EcoVadis Academy Appendix: Your EcoVadis solutions subscription includes access to the EcoVadis Academy - our e-learning platform to give you guidance on tackling priority improvement areas across the four assessment themes of Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement practices. The terms and conditions for using the EcoVadis Academy are included in this updated version of the EcoVadis Terms & Conditions. See Appendix 2 and section 11 - Intellectual Property Rights. Accepting “EcoVadis Academy Terms and Conditions" when entering the e-learning platform will no longer be required. You can access the EcoVadis Academy using this URL -
  • Clearer definition of approved users: All EcoVadis solutions are for professional use and professional users associated with valid and legal business entities only. Individual persons or consumers are expressly excluded from using EcoVadis solutions. See new amendments in section 1 - Definitions regarding Rated company and 2.1 - Purposes.
  • Clearer definition of confidentiality: For the purpose of clarity it is stated that answers to questionnaires are included under the confidentiality obligations stated in section 3 - Confidentiality.
  • Changes to Statement of Data Privacy: From time to time, we may make changes to the Statement of Privacy on the EcoVadis website. If this significantly affects the user obligation, then the user will have the opportunity to terminate the subscription to the Solution for 3 months from the time of the change. See new amendments in section 12 - Personal data.
  • Limitation of the liability: We added additional clarification that EcoVadis is not liable for any actions or decisions taken by the Requesting companies from the use of data or assessment results of the Rated company. See new amendments in section 13.1 - Limitation of Liability.
  • Platform maintenance: The EcoVadis platform undergoes frequent updates to improve the user experience and release new applications or modules. Most updates happen in real-time, but on rare occasions, full or partial outage may lead to temporary service interruptions. See new amendments in section 17 - Service Maintenance.

Acceptance of related terms & conditions: The Appendixes Rate my Trading Partners and EcoVadis Academy are integral part of the EcoVadis solutions subscription. Accepting the updated terms and conditions means accepting the terms of usage of these related products. See section 21 - Final Provisions.

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Terms and Conditions - US Law - 30 October 2019
Terms and Conditions - US Law - 30 October 2019