The 2023 Sustainable Procurement Barometer Launches: Insights to Guide Strategy in a Complex “Permacrisis” Time

July 24, 2023 EcoVadis ‏‏‎

Join the Benchmark Research Designed to Help Procurement Teams to Navigate Sustainability and Risk programs in Uncertain Times...

As risk and complexity rise across value chains, procurement and sustainability executives are facing 100’s of decisions across their teams, processes and tools in evolving their Sustainability and/or Procurement (SP) strategy. Competing demands across ESG compliance, risk management, Scope 3 decarbonization and corporate sustainability goals are colliding with a business landscape in ‘permacrisis’. 

What if you could get a peek into shifts in strategies, practices and forward-looking perspectives of global procurement organizations like yours?

This is exactly what your peers are doing by participating in the Sustainable Procurement (SP) Barometer. Conducted every two years, the purpose is to benchmark practices, and uncover insights and success factors to help purchasing teams and their suppliers to optimize strategy and accelerate programs to the next level. We are thrilled to partner with Accenture for this 2023 edition. Together, we have a research premise designed to uncover even more critical insights on how practitioners are tackling key challenges, and shifting focus, investments, and strategies.

To do the analysis, we need feedback and perspectives from a wide range of practitioners and programs - from ‘just starting’ to ‘leading’. There are two surveys: One for Procurement/Buying organizations, and one for Suppliers:

For Procurement / “buying organizations”: 

This 2023 edition has been enriched the diagnostic and research framework to dig deeper on topics like:

  • Integration of sustainability/ESG across the P2P workflow (which areas work best.)
  • How SP fits in overall digitization strategy
  • Priorities for your team’s skills and training
  • Where are investments shifting from and to
  • Balance of focus across ESG topics
  • …and other critical factors, aiming to uncover key resilience and value inflection points.

We invite you - or the appropriate person from your organization - to join 100’s of your peers to unlock collective insights by providing your input through a 15 minute survey: 

(Also, Share the link below with your suppliers!)

For Suppliers/trading partners:

In recent editions, we have opened the study to gain input and feedback from suppliers and vendors like you. This has uncovered some strikingly different perceptions compared to sustainability practices and perceptions of their customers (procurement teams). 

We want to revisit these issues and see how these perceptions have evolved and how they are managed. Make your voice heard:

Join your peers and participate in the survey and: 

  • Gain access to the detailed report with deep data insights you can apply in your own business partnerships
  • Understand the evolving expectations of the procurement teams to whom you are selling 
  • Support content to help inform buyers to develop sustainable strategies that are mutually beneficial.

All inputs are confidential, and aggregated anonymously in the study. 
The project is co-hosted by Accenture and EcoVadis - there is no charge for participation. 

Survey is now closed. Our goal is to publish the Results Report for participants at the end of November during COP 28. If you wish to register your interest to automatically receive a copy of the report, download our previous edition here, and you will receive an alert when the new edition is ready! 

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