EcoVadis Opens Hong Kong Office

May 19, 2016 Alessio Arcangeli

EcoVadis is pleased to announce our new office in Hong Kong is open for business!

Staff are in place at our office in Mongkok, Kowloon covering Supplier Onboarding Support, Analysis and Evaluation Services, and soon Program Management for procurement clients.

With strong trends in the awareness and engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Asia is a key market focus area for EcoVadis. EcoVadis has seen excellent growth there, especially in China which has risen to be the number two country in total new supplier assessments we conduct each month. At the same time, CSR and sustainability are receiving increasing attention in China, with the 2014 updates to their environmental law, and a recent peak in April in enforcement by President, Xi Jinping’s of his 2012 anti-corruption law (read our related white paper here). Also this year the Honk Kong stock exchange upgraded their ESG disclosure obligations law requiring listed companies to “comply or explain” CSR issues in their reporting.

Companies in Pacific Rim time zones needing support for their EcoVadis assessment and questionnaire can now get quicker responses from the local Hong Kong team via chat in the help center, or by phone:

+ 852 5808 1546.

Languages already supported in the office include English, Mandarin, Cantonese.

During 2016 EcoVadis plans to invest in completing our operational capabilities in Asia by adding Program Managers in the Hong Kong office, and more language support.


这里宣布一个好消息,EcoVadis 终于在香港特别行政区成立办事处!


目前,企业社会责任常识和标准,以前所未有的速度在亚太区膨胀,EcoVadis 将亚太区尤其中国作为最主要的市场对象。在目前,中国公司的审核提交量一直维持在世界排名第二。中国配合可持续发展的法律制度(2014 – 全新环境保护法),和 2012 年习近平下令的反腐政策(参考EcoVadis白皮书),已经为企业社会责任的发展打了一针强心剂。

与此同时,今年香港证券交易所(HKEx) 更规定上市公司披露ESG(环境、社会与治理)信息,否则需要公开解释无法执行的原因并出示详细报告,马上使得大型公司正视企业社会责任绩效同经济绩效。

香港办事处的成立覆盖亚太时区,意味着可以即时通过邮件、帮助中心的在线聊天功能支持亚洲供应商公司,欢迎拨至 EcoVadis 香港办事处:

+ 852 5808 1546


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