Lessons from a Practitioner: Carlsberg's Tactical Approach to Tackling Supply Chain Emissions

December 12, 2022 EcoVadis

Speaker: Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Group Sustainability and ESG Senior Director, Carlsberg, hosted by Ferbal Byrne, Executive Producer, The Sustainability Agenda 

As questions surrounding Scope 3 emissions are rising on the business agenda, understanding why and how we must address them is key to achieving decarbonization. With that in mind, we have launched a podcast series featuring senior business and thought leaders who talk us through their experiences in tackling supply chain decarbonization.


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Net Zero: Targets, Goals Objectives and the Start of the Decarbonization Journey

Carlsberg did its first global Scope3 emissions assessments over a decade ago with the first attempt to analyze the impact of the company's and its suppliers' fuel and energy usage. But it wasn't until 2017 that the Group launched its sustainability program Together Towards ZERO, which introduced a more professional approach to Scope 3 management with consistent measurements and understanding what had to be done in order to reduce emissions. 

About the Scope 3 Agenda Podcast Series

The Scope 3 Agenda Podcast is a monthly series produced by EcoVadis in collaboration with  Fergal Byrne from The Sustainability Agenda featuring stories from senior business leaders working on supply chain decarbonization to reduce Scope 3 emissions across different industries. In the ten episodes we talk to business and thought leaders from a range of industries and explore strategies, challenges and lessons learned by companies who have embarked on a decarbonization journey.

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