Five Essential Criteria For Selecting A Supplier Sustainability & Risk Monitoring Solution

August 19, 2016 Yovana U. Samy-Duchesne

We’re pleased to announce the third and final paper in a series on supply chain risk management and supplier CSR monitoring, by Michael Lamoureux of Sourcing Innovation, is now available.

As procurement teams globalize supply chains ever further, stakeholder scrutiny is increasing, laws and regulations are proliferating, natural and man-made disruptions continue to occur. This potent mix exposes companies and their procurement teams to a diverse set of supply chain risks that challenge the traditional ‘silo’ed’ approaches. How are they responding? What new processes and tools are organizations investing in?

As described in paper two, silo’ed efforts encounter major obstacles, and a holistic approach provides huge advantages. Solutions are emerging and adapting, and there are multiple criteria to consider. This paper summarizes the key criteria and questions you need to ask when selecting a supplier sustainability monitoring solution.

3rd whitepaper_cover page


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