Rethink and Rebuild Your Supply Chain

  • Sustainable Simplification2:25

    Sustainable Simplification

    Barry Parkin, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer at Mars explains how supply chain simplification helped the company become more resilient and produce deforestation-free palm oil.

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  • Sustainability at the Heart of Business2:04

    Sustainability at the Heart of Business

    L’Occitane Group had placed sustainability at the core of their business and this translated into supply chain resilience during the crisis.

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  • Go With the Tide, Not Against It3:07

    Go With the Tide, Not Against It

    Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric: A sustainable business goes with the tide, rather than against it. Following your moral compass and acting responsibly is the only way to resilience.

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  • From Transparency to Resilience2:35

    From Transparency to Resilience

    Procter & Gamble’s Vice President Purchasing Strategy, Jan Geisler: the markets will remain volatile to invest into transparency and partnerships within the supply chain to build resilience.

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  • Responsible Equals Resilient2:45

    Responsible Equals Resilient

    Thomas Udesen, CPO at Bayer says that a responsible supply chain is a resilient supply chain. And the best way to sustainable purchasing is through collaboration with industry peers and suppliers.

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  • Toward Shared Sustainability Goals2:00

    Toward Shared Sustainability Goals

    Roberta Garizio, Lavazza’s Indirect Purchasing Director: discuss sustainability goals with suppliers to increase resilience. Ratings helped in deciding how to work with suppliers during the crisis.

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  • Rethink and Rebuild Your Supply Chain

    Rethink and Rebuild Your Supply Chain

    Developed through analysis of current trends and insight from leading companies, this guide provides five steps to help your company rethink and rebuild its supply chain around sustainability and...

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