Celebrating Pride Month at EcoVadis

June 20, 2023 EcoVadis EN

At EcoVadis we foster an inclusive culture where everyone can express their uniqueness. We value individual differences. We respect each other's needs. We constantly learn from each other. That’s one of our team’s six core values called BELONG.

Pride Month is a fantastic occasion for everyone to celebrate and recognise the LGBTQIA+ community, spark meaningful conversations, inspire and empower others. 

At EcoVadis our Rainbovadis employee-led resource group teamed up with HRCOM and Impact teams and prepared quite an agenda this year; it includes knowledge sharing, webinars, discussions, joining local pride marches and more.

Rainbovadis is an EcoVadis employee-led resource group that empowers an inclusive culture where all our employees are valued and safe to be their true selves regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

To mark Pride Month we’re also sharing stories from our employees - who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and allies - about the sense of belonging at EcoVadis, bringing your true selves to work and creating an inclusive, safe and respectful workspace for everyone.

(shared in alphabetical order)


I identify as romantic and asexual. And I owe this knowledge to our team’s employee-led resource groups and their DE&I awareness and celebration comms. You’re probably wondering: ...what? A year ago or so, I checked one of their knowledge-sharing posts and started reading and reading and reading some more. It was a pretty unexpected self-understanding moment, but it instantly made sense. Cheers to knowledge sharing!

Take some time to learn more about the romantic, attraction and sexuality spectrum - it can help you understand yourselves and others better.


So far in my career, EcoVadis is the only company where I have worked with where we can talk, discuss, learn, share knowledge, listen to stories and be proud of the diversity and inclusion working environment. As an ally of the community, I feel that we celebrate each person's singularity and I am rightly equipped to motivate my colleagues to be their true-selves in a safe space. EcoVadis is an inspiration.


In the current political situation in Poland I feel privileged to work in a company like EcoVadis. I can focus on my work instead of making up fake stories about my fake girlfriend and our fake holiday plans. For me EcoVadis is a safe space, it's a group of people that treat each other with respect and kindness. Werq 💅 (in EcoVadis).


I couldn't work for a company that doesn't give me an opportunity to be my true self. I came out as gay during my job interview and in response was promised a safe and inclusive working environment. It's always been the case since I joined EcoVadis more than 3 years ago. I know I would be far less successful and motivated at my job if it wasn't for it: the need to hide anything is a burden no one should carry. 


Working at EcoVadis is all about being your authentic self and not fearing to be who you are amongst your colleagues and friends. With all the policies being enforced and the great work done by our DEI team, being at EcoVadis helped me a lot with being more at ease and open about my sexual orientation. No more stress related to the multiple coming outs - it’s all about acceptance and being in a safe space.


I have seen environments where the LGBTQIA+ community was clearly not welcome and it is painful to see. However, at EcoVadis, it is very comforting to see initiatives such as our DEI team - as well as creating a safe space where I hope everyone feels comfortable to be themselves. As an ally, I can see how much others appreciate when I ask for their pronouns or apologize for (honest) mistakes when using certain words.


EcoVadis is quite unique in the way it has given me support in my transition. These are difficult times to be a transgender person but at work I feel shielded from this negative political atmosphere and I have received nothing but kindness from my colleagues. This starts with small things, like changing the gender data in the internal systems and ends with a genuine interest to create an inclusive atmosphere at work.

To find out more about life at EcoVadis, our values, perks that we offer, and current job opportunities visit ecovadis.com/careers.

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