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December 7, 2023 EcoVadis EN

One of EcoVadis purpose objectives is nurturing the next generation of sustainability practitioners and enthusiasts. Among others, a way of doing this is by working with interns. We have a few internship opportunities open throughout the year and also mid-year we organize a special internship campaign - called Summer Internship Programme.

Why do we communicate about it now? 

Because in a few weeks you may start thinking about planning your internship in 2024.

In 2023 EcoVadis teams in Spain, Poland, and France welcomed interns from diverse backgrounds to participate and contribute to projects of various departments: HRCOM, Finance, Marketing, Customer Services, and Engineering. 

What to expect from a summer internship at EcoVadis? 

There's nothing better than to hear from some of our interns themselves.

Angela Marques 

People Experience Team - Barcelona, Spain

This summer, I decided to challenge myself and applied for an internship in HR at EcoVadis. You might be wondering, why EcoVadis? Well, the answer is simple: I wanted to work on something that truly matters to me, something with real impact. It all began when I stumbled upon an internship posting on LinkedIn. As soon as I started researching the company, I felt an instant connection. EcoVadis' purpose and values resonated with me on a personal level, and I found myself thinking, "I will work there someday." And guess what? Here I am, ready to embark on this exciting journey with EcoVadis, where I can contribute to a meaningful cause and be a part of the team that shares my passion for making a positive difference.

Since the first day, I've felt like I truly belong here at EcoVadis. The company culture is incredibly welcoming and open, with everyone always eager to engage in a friendly chat in the kitchen and get to know you better. EcoVadis’ Barcelona office is situated in a WeWork space: every foot of this place houses a different company, and each floor boasts a cozy living room and a well-equipped kitchen. And the cherry on top – the communal terrace on the 8th floor. With its cool sofas, inviting tables, and breathtaking panoramic views of the city, it's become my go-to spot to hang out with some colleagues after a productive day at EcoVadis.

When it comes to my internship experience, there's so much to share. I had the privilege of being part of a global team, collaborating with talented individuals from Spain, Poland and the US. Embracing this international work environment was an incredible experience in itself. But what truly stood out for me was the sheer variety of tasks I undertook. I found myself immersed in supporting my team across a wide range of projects, allowing me to dive headfirst into diverse subjects, connect with people from various backgrounds, and amass knowledge across multiple fields. What made it even more special was the level of responsibility entrusted to me, coupled with the freedom to manage my time autonomously. I had the flexibility to align my work hours with my peak productivity, always ensuring that I met project deadlines. This dynamic blend of diverse tasks and the freedom to structure my own workday made my internship at EcoVadis both enriching and fulfilling.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize the recognition I received during my internship. I consistently had the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas, and my feedback and opinions were sought after regularly. Knowing that my voice mattered and that it was not only acknowledged but valued made the experience exceptionally satisfying. It's empowering to be in an environment where your contributions are appreciated and where open dialogue is not just encouraged but celebrated.

In conclusion, I had an incredible summer at EcoVadis. It was a season of tremendous personal and professional growth, and I had the privilege of learning invaluable lessons. Besides the wealth of knowledge gained, I must mention the sheer enjoyment I derived from my time here. The experiences were not only enriching but also immensely enjoyable. As I look ahead, I'm filled with curiosity and anticipation about what the future has in store for me. With the foundation I've built during my internship at EcoVadis, I'm excited to embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Basia Treska

Engineering Team - Warsaw, Poland

University is a time for discovering yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. It is a breakthrough period not only in your personal life but also in your professional life. We begin our careers. However, there is one problem... all companies seek candidates with several years of experience. But where can you gain such experience if you don't have any? The answer is simple: at EcoVadis! I wanted to develop myself as a Scrum Master, but it is difficult to find such a job offer for a beginner. Usually, companies require 2+ years of experience, and the position of an Intern or Junior Scrum Master does not exist. I thought there was no such job offer in Poland. But all of a sudden I came across a Scrum Master Intern position at EcoVadis. I had to double-check whether it was true or not. It was! I didn’t hesitate even for a moment, and I submitted my application. After a week, I had my first interview, then the second one, and….. I was chosen! At this time, I didn’t know how incredibly lucky I was.  

From the very beginning, I was treated not like an intern but as a regular employee.  On my first day, I went to the office, collected my laptop, met with HR, and had an office tour. Then I did onboarding training. The very next day, instead of going back to the office or working from home, I was off to a 3-day workshop! Yes, that’s right. On my second day at work, I had already participated in workshops where I met people from EcoVadis branches all over Europe! It was a great chance to observe highly skilled people and learn more about the project I got involved in. It was a learning experience like no other.

Not only was the first week like this, but little did I know that it was just the beginning of a journey filled with growth, learning, and unforgettable experiences. The amount of knowledge and useful practices I gained throughout my internship is astonishing. I had the opportunity to learn from highly skilled individuals and apply that knowledge in practice. The tasks I received were not just interesting, but also somewhat demanding. I had a chance to facilitate workshops, and meetings, and even be a Scrum Master for a team! Can you imagine an intern with this amount of trust? I felt that my work had an impact and truly mattered in the organization.

I believe that everything is all about the people you are surrendered by. I was incredibly lucky to work with two extraordinary Agile Coaches, Martin Stavrovsky and Marek Wyrostek. Apart from giving me useful tips and sharing their broad knowledge with me, they gave me a lot of trust and created a safe and supportive environment. If  any problems occurred, they were ready to help. Even if I failed with tasks it was okay; mistakes were highly welcome. Because at the end of the day there are no mistakes, only lessons, right?  What a great environment for a beginner.

My team wasn't the only source of help; the entire organization was supportive.  Organizational culture at Ecovadis is incredible. One of their core values is “be kind,” and they don't just pay lip service to it. I collaborated with individuals from Poland, France, Spain, and Tunisia. I have to say that the people who work at Ecovadis are extremely friendly and supportive. When I attended the office party during my first week in the company (yes, the same week when I had the 3-day workshops), I was warmly welcomed. The people I talked to were open and positive from the beginning. The funny thing is that the party was thrown because EcoVadis received a Great Place To Work Certification. So at the event, I remember asking someone whether it was really a good place to work. They responded with a smile and said, “I think you will see.” And now I know that it is a phenomenal place to work! 

In conclusion, my summer internship at EcoVadis company was a unique professional experience that also provided me with the opportunity to meet inspiring people and participate in interesting events. EcoVadis is a place where employees are the true values of the company. Therefore, if you are wondering whether to apply for an internship or a regular job at this company, my answer is obvious: DO IT.

Bianca Re 

People Development Team - Barcelona, Spain

I can confidently say that having completed my internship at EcoVadis has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career. I consistently felt empowered and trusted with responsibilities while receiving ongoing guidance in my personal growth journey.

My mentors proved to be truly empathetic, compassionate, and attuned to my needs. Together, we discovered the most effective ways to collaborate and assist each other, turning our differences into valuable assets.

My internship experience at EcoVadis has not only been a valuable learning opportunity but also a testament to the importance of supportive mentors and a positive perspective. It has shown me that with the proper guidance and mindset, even the challenges of being an intern can lead to personal and professional growth. I am grateful for the incredible journey and the people who made it possible, and I look forward to applying the lessons I've learned in my future.


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