EcoVadis' Future of Work - How Does Working from Abroad Work?

June 4, 2023 EcoVadis EN

EcoVadis’ Future of Work Program allows employees to work from abroad. Up to three months per year (as far as the local legal and tax regulations allow it) can be spent in countries different to where you are based as per your contract. It's an excellent opportunity for those who appreciate traveling and changing their surroundings. It also allows EcoVadians - coming from all over the world - to spend time in their home countries.

Let’s hear from two of our teammates about their experiences. You will notice their very different approach to winter months. :)

Weronika, Methodology and Research Analyst, based in Poland

Destination Spain

I used this opportunity for the first time last year. As one of my friends left her Spanish apartment, I moved there for 5 weeks for a warm alternative to the cold Polish winter. In November and December, you can still enjoy outdoor activities there. I used to run to the park nearby or stroll along the sea after finishing my work. Having approximately two more hours of sunlight and feeling the sun on my face during lunch breaks and weekends was the best part of this destination.


Before setting off for this new experience, the to-do list starts with the Team Leader's approval. Being part of the methodology team spread worldwide, the possibility of where we can work from grows. My Team Leader- Mei, is very open to that, and thanks to her, this was just a formality. The next step should be finding a place to stay and reassuring a healthy and safe working environment. Working from home alone might be overwhelming, as you sometimes lack an in-person connection. It is worth checking where the closest co-working space approved by your company is. The other alternative can be a coffee shop if you can securely connect to the Internet using VPN. This can also be a great networking opportunity.

Lessons learnt

Thanks to working from abroad, I got to know some new friends from the expat community and started learning Spanish. I changed my routine, discovered the new culture, and took short weekend trips to the nearby area. Last but not least, thanks to shortening the cold months season in Poland, I improved my immunity system and did not fall sick for the first time in my life in the winter period.

Gabriela, Sustainability Analyst, based in Poland

Get ready - how to prepare yourself for working abroad at EcoVadis

I decided to work abroad after an extensive period of intense work & studies that occurred during the lockdown. I planned to spend five weeks in another country. I chose Canada as my destination as part of my family lives there, and thankfully EcoVadis has its office there too.

December seemed to be the perfect month to spend Christmas and New Year's Eve in a country covered by thick snow layers and strengthen family bonds. Although Canadian winter is not something I would recommend to anyone unless you like to ski around the city without wearing actual equipment or you don't identify yourself with a snowman. :)

To embark on this adventure to combine my new snowman career with a more professional endeavor under EcoVadis hat, I had to go through some formalities, which I describe in the following steps (they're similar to what Weronika mentioned):

1) Consult with my Team Leader about the location and date of working from abroad

2) Send a request through BambooHR (our internal HR system) to get official permission to work from abroad

3) Inform a local manager of my department about the date of my arrival, and confirm that I can be accommodated at the local office

4) Bring some gifts to share with local teammates (EcoVadians are foodies!)

Work and explore - a new approach toward a more meaningful and balanced life

During my stay in Toronto, I wanted to balance being productive, connecting with people from the office and exploring the city. I felt lucky to meet locals and expats at the office, who gave valuable and diverse recommendations on events and places worth visiting.

Embracing differences and similarities - learning from and connecting with people

Thanks to the diversity of our team, I could learn way beyond local traditions and points of view. This is one of the things I value at EcoVadis the most. There is always so much to learn from others! Overall, everyone was kind and supportive. I really enjoyed my time in Toronto. Even though I stayed there during the winter, I returned to my country with warm memories, new connections and a fresh mind.

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