Reportage from a Business Trip to Tokyo

June 7, 2023 EcoVadis EN

Hi, I’m Summer, an EcoVadis Talent Acquisition Senior Associate based in Hong Kong. I joined EcoVadis in 2021 as an HR Intern. With time when my experience and skills grew, I was offered to become the first full-time recruiter in the Asia, Pacific and Japan region in 2022. 

I want to share a fantastic experience from earlier this year: my first business trip to Tokyo, to another of EcoVadis offices that I collaborated with on a daily basis.

Day 1

Catching my flight at 10:00 am at the Hong Kong International Airport. The flight offered a few notable sustainable features, including single disposable items such as napkins and toilet paper made from materials blended with recycled Oi Ocha green tea leaves.

After landing at the Tokyo Narita Airport, I took the Access Line and soon arrived at the hotel. I was inspired by the advertisement in the airport terminal with famous Nintendo Mario characters welcoming all travelers, as this shows Japan's innovative tech and animation culture.

EcoVadis encourages all employees to pick accommodations with sustainable standards and practices during business travels. In my room, there was an “ECO LINE” in the bathtub to ensure we were doing our best to save water. There was also a helpful notice on the refrigerator to remind us to save energy by only using it when necessary.