EcoBalance: an Employee-led Resource Group at EcoVadis Striving to Achieve Work-Life Harmony

May 12, 2022

To celebrate Mindfulness Month,  EcoVadis is launching a series of events dedicated to introspection and techniques for the well-being of our employees. Talks with experts, meditation sessions, yoga classes, sharing various resources and tips - all that provide tools to cultivate mindfulness practices.

These activities are carried out within the framework of EcoBalance's general action towards achieving work-life balance. The EcoBalance network (one of EcoVadis’ employee-led resource groups - learn more here) aims at helping our employees to manage their individual constraints and workload effectively, by providing tools enabling them to reduce work-related stress, and to establish a sustainable way to work while maintaining health and general well-being. 

In the digital age, we are more than ever hyper connected between emails, messages, and online meetings. Especially since Covid-19, professionals find little time to disconnect and communication technologies – supposed to enhance work lives – affect our personal life and hence, our ability to focus and productivity.

For this reason, EcoBalance engages employees and aims to raise awareness by:

  • Providing resources on issues related to mental health, maternity and paternity rights, sleep hygiene, and much more,

  • Developing team-building exercises related to mental health, maternity and paternity rights, sleep hygiene, and much more,

  • Being a communication channel between HR and employees: their feedback and suggestions enable us to develop work-life balance related initiatives.

EcoBalance works in cooperation and complementarity with the EcoVadis HRCOM team and other EcoVadis branches that have launched multiple initiatives such as: 

  • The right to disconnect,

  • Generalizing flexible work schedules and working from home,

  • Possibility to work abroad remotely for up to 3 months,

  • Creating a volunteering through the Changemakers community to stay social and build interpersonal connections,

  • Progressively reduce gaps between maternity and paternity leaves.

Find out more about life at EcoVadis and how the company supports employees from diverse backgrounds - visit and

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